Fanny Renoir's Rainbow

Published in San Francisco, California, September 13, 2009
Available at Cafe Trieste (ask for Fanny)

Sand and Clouds

Sand slanted in Snow
Soft by white wind. glow
Seed clouds of sand
     Snow Flakes somber fall settle
    Felines' white fur of ice and
             white dog capes

Vales and values of Snow
      White paws white tails
Sultry mist. flocking white puffs
      Puffed up white land musicals
            and white trees

White puffed mountains with
      white edges
White obelisk clouds suffed
      with snow
White songs, Invisible ice cycles
      White lark fuliminations
            White layered vibrations
                Funnels fully dressed
                    White Tornadoes

White frills, sauteed white Ice.
      White lies. flat white
             and white Flack on Flakes

Arcata, California
June 6, 1994
Fanny Renoir


The poets roam in the
    corners and crevices
of city bars, jam sessions,
each other's pads

Sidewalk corners and caffes
    The musicians sound out
           The ears of the poets' hearts
In clubs from Lower Market
    to the Fillmore District
            As George L sounds out
Dino's heart with his
The runners capitulate to
     the sun and the moons
All flames float in jagged
    ecxtasy or jaded epiphany
         in the District of lyrics and
               rhymes or emotional

Exxentric bourgeoise men and women
Keep the Anti-Ecology Boat
The mayors are exceptionally uncharismati.
     week skins
          of a pale Greek Banana
        Ulysseus -

                        "#$%_&'( )*

All made-up words and unusual word spellings are the by-product of my
talent and effort and are done intentionally

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