Fanny Renoir's Rainbow

Fanny Renoir's All Stars

Produced and Directed by Fanny Renoir
Filmed by Judy On
Photographs by Jimmy Leong

Cast: Dorol Conrad as Elvis, Stephanie August, Nancy Calef, Marsha McGovern with Max the Dog, Mary Lucas, Roger Strobel, Rosemary Manno with Blanca the Dog, Jody Weiner, Marsha Bellavance, Uncle Igor, Gregory, Carrington, Kent B., Paul Husome, and Ronald Sauer

Uncut from Live Worms Gallery
1345 Grant Avenue -- North Beach, San Francisco
copyright July 2009

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The Hotel Upstairs
Documentary Film by Daniel Baer

Featuring: Errol Cooper, Richard Wilburn, Fanny Renoir, Jack Hirschman, Agneta Falk, The Pineda Family

Premiered in the Los Angeles Film Festival, 2001

"The Hotel Upstairs is a microcosm of a whole subculture of beat-up hotels in North Beach, San Francisco -- a piece of cultural history important to preserve . . . It is an underground culture, even though it may be 'upstairs." Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Hotel Upstairs
copyright 2010
all rights reserved