Fanny Renoir's Rainbow
herb gold
Herb Gold

Tony Vaughan

Tony Vaughan by Bernie Fox
Tony Vaughan
Tony by Bernie Fox

Rebecca Peters

Aggie Falk, Lawrence Ferlinghetti & Lee

Yofi, Fanny, Unknown, Joyce 
          Yofi, Fanny, Unknown, Joyce

Rainbow Girl
Rainbow Girl take at
Cafe Presse San Francisco

Art in the Alley 5/4/03
Art in the Alley
Produced by Elizabeth Ashcroft 5/4/03


Jack Freeman
Jack Freeman

Dorol Conrad     
    Dorol Conrad      elvis   

Terry & Tina

Terry & Tina Tarnoff    

Marsha McGovern, Rebecca Peters,
Ronald Sauer


Ronald Sauer
Ronald Sauer

Fanny & Tara
Eartha Kitt & Peter Sinclair 1977 Cafe Trieste
Eartha Kitt & Peter Sinclair, 1977 - Cafe Trieste
Ira Nowlinski's San Francisco poets, politics and divas 2006

fanny and friends
photo by Greg
  dogs2         doggies

        Lawrence Ferlinghetti              Mark Alvarez at work    


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