Fanny Renoir's Rainbow

OR FIRE is an excerpt taken from:

..... Or Fire


The Mystic Dude

in a rabbit fur kapp drinks a coke, - -

He's from Poughkeepsie, Eisenhower Jacket, - - Bloke, --

(The Red Knight in a fur of Foxie Felt,

Flips Flame on a branch of Pelts.)

The branch of pelts

Is shaped like a crow

Everywhere there is Crows

The sun are a crow,

The sun are black, shiny, luminous,

Onyx, Ebony, Crystal, Intense,

The Horse I am riding is smoke.



The scarecrows of the Parallelograms of Fire,

Among the ashes the Ghosts of Indian Runners,

Medicine Priests, Totems, Other Directors


Ghosts, Bones, Banes, Totems, Directors

Hands and Feet of Saints

Skins of Snakes, When I - -


Place me with Gentle ferociousness

Like a wolfine on a Calculation of Silk

Somewhere on Earth where my new skin

can find me

Place me with the piercing AgapÈ of the

ballet sky-eyed warriorette

where my bones

Can be nuzzled by the flecks of gold

in Dakota lights, dark or light

copyright 2010
all rights reserved